A Funk Above The Rest With - Skip Reeves
The Funkiest Show On Radio! You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Like It! A Funk Above The Rest is the most unique R&B show broadcasting in the 21st century! Its format is like no other in that it features the productions of both major & independent artists, from all over the world, side by side in a mixture of funk, soul, and a sprinkle of other genres. Much of it having never been heard across an international platform! The show is internationally syndicated.

The World of Jazz With Dr. Mambo!!!
Musically, Dr Mambo and the Experience are a polished group with an expanded musical approach. They are swinging post-mambo player(s) with a real dance groove pocket, “East 6th Street Mambo”. As well as classic Salsa standards like “To Be with You”. The diverse musical scope is an accomplishment in itself. The original musical compositions are something special.

The Dayton Scene Radio Show!!!
Tune in to hear your Hosts: Trent Darby and David Webb, President/CEO of "The Funk Center," with Jasmine Summers, "The Super Soul Sister," and Kathryn Mobley, (News Director) talking about Dayton’s Great Funk Bands History, and the music they produced that rocked the world!

Capital Funk With The Funk Master, Kool Breeze
My name is Anthony Hills aka Kool breeze broadcaster and radio host here at Radio Echelon. We are based in Toronto Canada. I spent 4 years at Radio Regent broadcast facilities putting Independent artist at the forefront of music with exclusive interviews & live video coverage. According to Breeze, Radio is theatre of the mind.

Quite storm. Sit down grab yourself a drink and get comfortable, turn the lights down and let the soulful sounds move your body and soul. Quiet Storm.... Friday night smooth jamz. The best of R&B, Ballads, Love songs & adult contemporary.

All About The Funk With DJ Lady Funkalicious
Paula Letang is the byblacks.com People's Choice Media Radio Personality award winner 2018 & 2019. She is also an award-winning singer, songwriter, producer and event coordinator, and Director of the annual Toronto, Funk, Soul & Rnb Music Festival.
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The World of Music is immersive, vibrant, and dominated by rhythmic sounds and raw emotions. Within this realm, people connect, learn from each other, and share some of their most intimate and vulnerable feelings. Ungoverned by real-world logic and reasoning, the thoughts expressed in music take any form of theme and delivery that they desire. The World of Music is as vast, versatile, and diverse as all of its genres, messages, and vibrations.

While here, one may often find oneself immersed in the music; in sync with the sounds. This feeling of synchronization and interconnectedness with the music is a blast of energy and emotion. The World of Music nourishes and educates people through pushing past the ego and reaching people’s true feelings. When your mind is expanding, nostalgia is heavy, and your essence is at ease, you can be sure that you’re truly experiencing the World of Music.

The mystery is alluring, the feelings are irresistible, and the music is magical. Taste enrichment, euphoria, and sonic enlightenment through the World of Music Experience. If you’re ready, come and feel the music, here at CJRR -DB Radio Echelon.


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This means no advertising or annoying commercial interruptions. Our mission is to search out and expose great new music to people who otherwise may never encounter it.

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