Ritchie Rich
Founder & CEO
CJRR Radio Echelon

Ritchie Rich, is a lifetime DJ and Music Connoisseur. His voyage in music & business started some odd half century ago.

Now anchored in Toronto Canada as the owner and founder  of CJRR-DB Radio Echelon, Ritchie has blazed the trail of innovation and creativity with music & entertainment always at the epicenter of his universe. As a DJ, Sound Engineer, Producer and now Broadcaster, Richard has the unique ear & ability to appreciate deep cuts of any genre; his sets blend sounds and merge musical cultures in a very authentic fashion. CJRR-DB Radio Echelon is Ritchie’s latest endeavor in the music world. Giving this back to the community is the fulfilment of a journey through the art of science and the medium of sound.

Music is Life.

Kevin Sealy - M.K.

Mk is Canadian born. My journey to music came when my folks use to go their friends house, late 80s David Ruffin, The Temptations, The Delfonics, The Chi-Lites and so much more. Another friend was a big jazz lover he has still to this day has a monster record collection Oscar Peterson, Cab Calloway, Thelonious Monk just to name a few. My folks wanted me and my sister to meet our grand parents and family so they packed up and move to Barbados where I first heard reggae.

Paula Letang - DJ Lady Funkalicious

Paula Letang is the byblacks.com People’s Choice Media Radio Personality award winner 2018 & 2019.   She is also an award-winning singer, songwriter, producer and event coordinator, and Director of the annual Toronto, Funk, Soul & Rnb Music Festival.

Paula, also known as “DJ Lady Funkalicious” hosts the radio show All About The Funk on CJRU 1280 AM at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University).  

All About The Funk – Keepin’ it funky in the 6ix!

DJ Whizz

Wisdom Ugochukwu Osakuni, known professionally as DJ Whizz is a Nigerian born DJ. A well crafted and experienced disc jockey in mobile and event DJing. He is regarded by many contemporaries as one of the most grounded and influential DJ of his time. Whizz first gained prominence as a Club DJ in 2012 with Sapphire Nite Club. He has been active in the entertainment industry while translating his popularity by his performances on set.

Kool Breeze

 My name is Anthony Hills aka Kool Breeze radio, seasoned broadcaster at Radio Echelon based in Mississauga / Toronto Canada. I spent 4 years at Radio Regent broadcast facilities putting Independent artist at the forefront of music with exclusive interviews & and live video coverage. I am also a broadcaster at Jackie Vibes Radio. Breeze brings
music for the mind body and soul straight from the heart. My journey started in Trinidad &  Tobago in 1971 when my uncle had a D.j. system the music bug hit me by storm I learned about music diversity, I also took up the upright bass in high school also sold high end audio. Kool Breeze is the voice of the artist in the heart of the struggle, showcasing independent music local to global. My Mission Vision statement is to bring back quality radio
programming and music to Toronto where the fans and artist can feel a sense of community. Kool Breeze has interviewed some of the top artists in the city and beyond. These include David Rudder, Eddie Bullen, Orin Isaacs, Muhtadi, Rich Brown, Tom Browne, Omar Hakim, Norman Connors, Quisha Wint, Kolette Easy, Louis Saldenah Toronto #1 Mass Camp Band Leader, Larnell Lewis, Four 80 East, Crown Heights Affair, David R. Webb Chairman & CEO The Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Center in Dayton Ohio, Bernard Wright, Tina Dunkley Story of The Merikins, B.B.Q Band, The System, Pleasure, Klymaxx, Crack of Dawn, Wolfe Milestone, Chris Alexander CAO of Peeks Carnival, Jeremy Ledbetter & and City Funk Stories just to name a few.

The Dayton Scene Radio Show

History of “The Dayton Scene Radio Show,” preserves not only the history of FUNK music but Dayton’s special place in the history of the genre. The heartbeat of the radio show is to ensure that future generations are exposed to the wonderful music artform with an emphasis on the history of the contributions of the FUNK music in Dayton, Ohio.
Our radio show is to establish a home for the legacy of Funk music by acknowledging the artists who brought this art form to life while showcasing the Funk experience.
The show began national syndication on August, 2020 from its flagship station at 88.9FM/ WCSU in Wilberforce, Ohio. This team came together, spearheaded by David Webb, with Trent Darby and Jasmine Summers, the original co-hosts. The Dayton Scene Radio Show, aired on Jackie Vibes Radio Networks out of Toronto, Canada, for several years prior, in the evening or late night time slot. Prior to 2015, The Funk Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Center aka “The Funk Center” aired a podcast/television show on DATV, David Webb later did a spin-off of the television show and called it “The Dayton Scene,” on The Funk Centers Media platform and its predecessor, The Funk Music Hall of Fame Radio Networks. The show was renamed “The Dayton Scene Radio Show” a Dayton Funk Dynasty Group “Parent Company” Radio Networks.
Tune in to hear your Hosts: Trent Darby and David Webb, President/CEO of “The Funk Center,” with Jasmine Summers, “The Super Soul Sister,” and Kathryn Mobley, (News Director) talking about Dayton’s Great Funk Bands History, and the music they produced that rocked the world!